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In the current market scenario, the popularity of digital wallets has been rising at an exponential rate. Digital wallets have almost become virtual payment banks in the eCommerce industry.

Signetpay offers a merchant specific closed wallet solution - DigiBucks that allows your customers to pay by money on the move. Your customers can sign up for DigiBucks wallet on your portal, add money to it and use the added amount for purchasing various goods and services offered by you, anywhere, anytime. It is available for both web and mobile solutions.

It is completely secure and provides a quick checkout process for your customers. With DigiBucks, your customers will be spared from filling the long payment forms and card information every time they make a purchase with you. This helps you enhance the overall customer experience for your business, immensely.

As it is a merchant specific wallet, it is designed exclusively to benefit your business model and raise the customer loyalty for you.

DigiBucks is a wonderful tool for developing customer loyalty by way of providing reward based cash back and also for crediting the money against the returned/rejected orders and forcing the customers to use the money again for the purchase of goods or services being provided by you.

DigiBucks can be used by Independent Sales Organizations, Online Retailers, eCommerce Service Providers, Franchises and Online Travel/Entertainment/Event Management Companies.

Advantages of Using The Digibucks Wallet for your Business -

Digibucks closed wallet payments are equally beneficial for both, consumers and merchants alike. Many companies, in recent times, have not only opted to implement closed wallet solutions in their payment system, but have also witnessed them succeed.

From a merchant perspective, closed wallet payments carry a number of advantages:
• Big increase in customer loyalty and customer retention.

• Ability to track statistically logical and huge data points on customer transactions, including consumer insights, buying behavior and habits, popular product items, and the returns on marketing campaigns on the web and mobile.

• One time implementation with relatively much lower per transaction cost as compared to other online payment methods. It significantly lowers the merchant cost per payment.

• Being a merchant specific branded payment solution, it completely molds in the merchant business model.

In its core essence, a proprietary closed wallet enables the merchants to maintain a strong control over the entire merchant/customer process, which at this point, the open wallet payment systems cannot provide.

From the consumer's perspective also, the closed wallet payment systems offer great benefits, including easy secure and one click payments, loyalty based reward points or incentives, pre-ordering and balance top-up ability etc. As an emerging hassle free payment method, the DigiBucks Closed wallet solution makes the customer experience with the merchant, a much more pleasant and convenient one.