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International Payments - It's all about thinking globally and acting locally.

If you are thinking of taking your business global and grow your e-commerce market internationally, you must understand the global payment card industry norms as well as the local payment culture of your targeted demographics.

Apart from enabling payments in multiple currency types, business, accepting cross border online transactions, often deal with varying payment rules. For example, in US/Canada/Australia you can still process transactions without a 3D secure, but in countries like India/Singapore (APAC) and most part of Europe, processing transactions with 3D secure a.k.a. "payer authentication" is mandatory.

In addition to payment security, customizing your payment page per the language preference of the targeted demography is also important. You can confidently penetrate international ecommerce market by offering the consumers a payment page in their local language and the choice to make payments in their own currency.

To address the global payment requirements and managing your profit at the same time, it's essential you choose your payment gateway provider carefully. Accepting payments in multiple currencies could turn messy at the back-end if you do not have a strong reconciliation and report management system in place. Make sure, with your selected payment gateway, you can receive funding in your choice of currency and have systematic and efficient reports in place.

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