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Looking for Digital/Mobile wallet solutions for your business? Signetpay got you covered!

In the current market scenario, the popularity of digital wallets has been rising at an exponential rate. Digital wallets have almost become virtual payment banks in the eCommerce industry.

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International Payments - It's all about thinking globally and acting locally.

If you are thinking of taking your business global and grow your e-commerce market internationally, you must understand the global payment card industry norms as well as the local payment culture of your targeted demographics.
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Payment Security - Payment Tokenization

To improve the payment security and consumer confidence, the usual EMV chip and pin verification alone is not enough anymore. To eliminate the chances of payment card frauds, most of the merchants, banks, financial institution and retailers presently stress upon using payment tokenization more than ever.
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Signetpay Offers Some Useful Tips To Keep Your Online Store Popular and Prosperous During The Festive Seasons:

With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, online retailers must gear up to attract more customers to their online store. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are huge sales opportunities in the Asia Pacific as well as the US. But with hundreds of retailers preparing for peak season, how will you ensure your online store stands out?
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